About Us

Eventing, Jumping, Basic Horseback Riding & Camps

We have been in business for over ten years serving many of the horse industries needs through horseback riding lessons, training and consulting on horse sales.

Angela Ariatti, owner and instructor, has been in the horse business for over 25 years and through her experiences she has learned that riding horses is not just about learning to ride. Through history, horses have been our way of transportation as well as our partners in wars.  The western world now sees them as an extra curriculum activity however most horsemen will tell you they are much more than that.  The horse is a remarkable animal that is not only adaptable to our world but is a teacher for many of life’s lessons.  Through the horse we can learn how to deal with fear, worry as well as how to create energy with others.  We learn about ourselves as much as we learn about the horse.  Through riding lessons we have taught many to preserve, have self confidence, over come fear and even have taught kids with disabilities to physically become stronger and walk.

Our program is designed for competition as well as the casual rider.  We develop specific programs for the individual riders that will help them grow as people.  We encourage goal setting to help us overcome our weaknesses and for further understanding.  We attend over 6 USEA events a year and over 10 local and regional shows a year.  We provide adult and kids camps and special outdoor activity days.  We do specialize in dressage and eventing however we encourage the balanced English seat to be able to communicate in any discipline. We have two assistant instructors that are apprentices under me that help to instruct our first time riders.