Ariatti Equestrian Services is please to announce our VERY OWN PLACE…..Dream Blue Farm..

Dream Blue is just under 28 acres of rolling country in Simpsonville, KY. We have a 72 x 180 large covered arena with eleven stalls and another small barn with 5 stalls.  We have mesh wire fencing and a lovely trial that takes us on a 2 mile walk completely around the property along with a large open field for our cross country jumps.  We are working hard to finish our outdoor jump arena.  Three of our four fields have run in sheds.  We have 400 beautiful acres to ride on right across the street to condition or just go on a leisurely walk.

Horseback riding is a great way to exercise, build confidence and be in nature. Horses are a great way to learn about yourself, time management, organization skills, staying in the moment, core strength and we can go on….. We believe the outside of a horse is good for the inside of us all. Ariatti Equestrian offers horseback riding lessons and bonding opportunities for all levels.

Ariatti Equestrian Services is a top horseback riding lessons instructor in the Goshen, Kentucky Horseback Riding Lessons guide on NewHorse.com.  


Latest News for Team Ariatti!

Another wonderful weekend at KHP! I was sooo proud of these riders (Ruth Rachael Schenk Rosendaul and Jenna Sue Lustig McPeek). They stay on task and accomplished great things! Congrats Kaloosh and Ruthie 3rd in Novice! Congrats Blue Sky Law and Jenna 10th on your first time at KHP. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ...

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For my second half of life... I'm trying hard to NOT SPEAK unless it passes "is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary? And does it contribute to the silence?' It is now much easier to focus on educating! Thanks Denny Emerson ...

Although I think that Katie Prudent is right about riding being a sport where you can buy success----I wrote about the exact same thing in my book, "How Good Riders Get Good"----I think that she should be ready to accept a backlash from the way she seems to "blame" amateurs for not being as good as professionals. Sally Swift was clear eyed about a person's abilities, or lack thereof, but Sally was so intrinsically kind that she never let any of that sneak through into how she taught riders at any level. And that simple word, "kind" is the reason that Sally will still be remembered long after the mean ones are forgotten. I think that there are light years of difference between "mean" and "exacting." Exacting teachers have high standards, as did Sally, but not all can teach in ways that treat people well, whether or not they have talent. I remember a story about a couple of instructors talking in a belittling way about an older, somewhat timid, not very fit lady. Some days later, the child of one of those riding teachers got hit by a car, and that same lady they were putting down was the surgeon who saved the child-------What more needs be said----

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From crazy camp to a beautiful morning at KHP! It has been a long two days! But we are having summer fun! ...

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