Ariatti Equestrian Services is please to announce our VERY OWN PLACE…..Dream Blue Farm..

Dream Blue is just under 28 acres of rolling country in Simpsonville, KY. We have a 72 x 180 large covered arena with eleven stalls and another small barn with 5 stalls.  We have mesh wire fencing and a lovely trial that takes us on a 2 mile walk completely around the property along with a large open field for our cross country jumps.  We are working hard to finish our outdoor jump arena.  Three of our four fields have run in sheds.  We have 400 beautiful acres to ride on right across the street to condition or just go on a leisurely walk.

Horseback riding is a great way to exercise, build confidence and be in nature. Horses are a great way to learn about yourself, time management, organization skills, staying in the moment, core strength and we can go on….. We believe the outside of a horse is good for the inside of us all. Ariatti Equestrian offers horseback riding lessons and bonding opportunities for all levels.

Ariatti Equestrian Services is a top horseback riding lessons instructor in the Goshen, Kentucky Horseback Riding Lessons guide on NewHorse.com.  


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To all my students: in case I forgot to tell you! You are great and right where you need to be! 😘 ...

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This is why I use McCauly's top breeder! ...

Meet Moose, a 4 year old Quarter horse owned by Stacey Sanders. Stacey spoke with our dealer, Shara Wiesenauer at Hunters Brook Farms in Jeffersonville, Indiana, and took the before photo in mid-February. Despite her best efforts, good quality forage and plenty of a competitor's feed, Stacey could not get Moose to gain weight. Shara recommended McCauley's Original 12 Cubes and McCauley's All-Natural Rice Bran Oil. Because Moose was still in full-time training, they decided to switch him to McCauley's WB100 in late-March. The after picture was taken a couple of days ago. The results are amazing (but not unusual with McCauley's feeds)! Moose has gained weight and shines like a new penny! Thank you for sharing your story, Stacey. We are happy Moose is doing so well, and we are happy to have you both as part of the McCauley's family.

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Ariatti Equestrian Services shared Brookby Heights International's Skeebop in extreme winds..... ...

Sometimes we get requests from clients looking at buying our horses to take videos of them, normally things like lateral work, jumping or movement. We received an awesome one for our dear Skeebop. Could we show him handling extreme winds, up to 90kph whilst wearing flapping pyjamas. Of course we can....

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